workout in
Virtual Reality

With gentle modes for beginners & seniors



The game tracks your running speed and awards more points the faster you go


Arm movements to the beat of the music and fast ducking to avoid bad targets


Shallow or deep squats depending on your comfort level


Engange your core muscles by reaching for higher targets


Pushups followed by jumps get your heart pumping


Classic pushup, one armed planks and side planks


Fast and small jumps similar to skip rope jumping

Total Home Fitness with a free VR fitness game

  • XRWorkout is a virtual reality music workout pushing the boundaries of movement in VR
  • It is a physically engaging VR experience similar to a calisthenics workout or circle training
  • Activating all with standing, squatting, pushups, side planks, crunches, jumping and burpees
  • The biggest opponent in this game is your body


Most engaging VR fitness experience

Burn up to 500kcal in 30 minutes

  •  Play with hand tracking on the Oculus Quest.
  •  Automatically generated sessions. No two sessions are the same.
  •  Engage with players around the globe during community workouts.
  •  Challenge other players with your workout.
  •  Custom songs.
  •  Freeplay mode without music, play to your own background music.
  •  Heart rate driven gameplay.
  •  Online workout analysis.


Alex Azzi

Co-founder & CEO


Health and wellness executive in virtual reality, nutrition and exercise.

He has launched and scaled multiple health apps, both mobile and VR.

Michael Gschwandtner PhD

Co-founder & CTO


Internationally recognized computer scientist, with projects and research in both computer vision and LIDAR simulation.

He created XRWorkout to incentivize himself to exercise more.

April Hu

Co-founder & COO


Veteran leader and entrepreneur in scaling tech-assisted education, wellness and sustainability initiatives across Asia, China, and America.

Also Head of Global Partnerships.

Dr Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA

Co-founder, Medical Director


Accomplished medical entrepreneur, with expertise in building interdisciplinary teams, fundraising and startups scaling.

Wolfram Dietrich

Fractional CFO


Veteran business economist. Drove successfully finance and CFO-related operations in a global corporate setting for 15 years.

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What some of our happy users say

Via Sidequest

This is my stay at home workout. I work up a sweat and I’m sore the next day. Hands free is the way to go. 100% amazing.

Via Sidequest

I’m in love with this! I’m only doing the easiest mode and sweat my butt off within 10 minutes. Great customer support as well

M4chete Coletti
Via Meta

fantastic Workout App I first tried VR Workout because of the unique features and controller-free workouts. From the moment I saw the Mixed Reality scenery in my living room, I was instantly hooked. Having a dog a child around, it's fantastic to be able to see part of my living room, especially when working out. VR Workout is easy to use with hand-tracking and provides excellent workouts...

Via Meta

Innovative I like how this isn’t only a cardio focused game, and that you can actually do some sort of strength training. Also, SQUATS! It was hard to find an app that incorporated squats on the quest store. It’s nice that this uses hand tracking and not the controllers. I’ve also tried the pro trial and what I like is the ability to play YouTube videos as your background music...

Via Meta

One of the best out there. Most workout app gives you a good cardio workout (e.g les mill) but this also gives you a good combination of strength, agility and cardio workout. Using hand tracking, it allows you to perform more movement such as push up, crunch, jump, etc.

Frank Jones
Via Meta

Wow, very effective! Snow Fit! Hand Trac What a workout. There's so many positives to this app. The varied targets that also increase the workout effort, and fun, is great, AND HAND TRACKING! As everyone does, I started off with the basic sessions and found it to be really worthwhile. 8 minutes might not sound like much...

Via Meta

Real fitness boost This is now my "go to" VR app for a full on workout. I currently regularly do the medium level, 8-min workout. It definitely increases my fitness for trampoline. I can imagine it being good for sports like volleyball too. I'd like to see the visuals for press ups improved as at the moment they don't make sense.

Via Meta

FANTASTIC WORKOUT!! Awesome workout!!! I tried it as soon as it came out! Love the graphics, music and voiceover that keeps you going! I came into not knowing what to expect and afterwards my heart was pumped and my muscles were sore. It gave me the exercise that I just needed! This workout game took my exercising to a whole new level!...

Marlon Velasco
Via Meta

Spectacular What a refreshing take on an exercise game! Imagine a more physical Beat Saber but with more jumping, purposeful head maneuvering, and planks. It really does provide you with a whole-body workout and should satisfy the casual exerciser and serious gym-rat alike. Even the warmups were challenging!...

Via Meta

Love it! I love being free of the controllers! I'm totally a subscriber! Is there a companion app? I love the way I can customize for pushups, jumps, and abs. None of the other apps I'm subscribed to offer floor exercises. Another review complained about the intro workout, but I liked just jumping right into the game and figuring it out for myself.

Via Meta

Best one so far!!!! Man man man, this workout vr game is the best so far!!!!! Very intense and you guarantee to work up a sweat.

Via Sidequest

I own 150 PSVR games, over 30 Quest games. All the BS fitness games on these devices nothing at all compares to this. THIS IS BRILLIANT. You have the support of @markitovrgoat. I love this what an awesome awesome thing you have done

Andy Zaguedoun
Via Sidequest

I am very fit and active myself, doing a lot of sport and calistenics training throughout the day, and I want to say you have to put so much effort in this game, and I take it to my advantage, just playing 10 minutes of this game per day will shred half your bodyfat, I am very impressed.

Via Sidequest

This is the BEST workout ever!! I'm 63yrs old so you can imagine the idea of doing a physical excercise on a regular basis was not on my Bucket list. But this is amazing, with custom options, the ability to make your own music lists, control the speed in which you choose to workout, not to mention the atmospheres are great! Cannot recommend this enought! Whoop,Whoop,...Go Get in Shape!

Via Sidequest

Had this running on my Index and loved it, but finally tried it on my wife's Quest. Man, that was the best decision. I would call myself pretty fit but after 20 minutes of an ultra session I am panting like I had to flee from a wild boar. Nothing really to add here.e pace this is developing I am sure it will just get better...

Via Sidequest

I bought my Quest 2 specifically for fitness and wanted something truly intense. I have to say I found it. This thing is so intense that I could barely get up out of bed this morning. Reading through the tweets there is even an online mode coming, not sure how that should work but I will definitely keep this as a big part of my regular workout.